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Escursioni in barca a Siracusa, giro dell'isola di Ortigia o visita alle sue meravigliose grotte.

Tutti i visitatori italiani e stranieri non possono non andare in barca col capitano Emanuele, detto il capitano di Ortigia, che con le sue iniziative coinvolgenti e allettanti vi condurra' in luoghi fantastici che un tempo furono luoghi di grandi battaglie.

Il capitano vi fara' scoprire come puo' essere magico navigare con la sua barca verso un viaggio naturalistico marino,per farvi sentire il profumo del mare e ammirare i colori fantastici e cristallini delle acque che ci circondano, potrete toccare quasi con mano tutto quello che vedrete.

Se si vuole e' possibile fare il giro dell'isola di Ortigia per vedere il castello Maniace continuare fino al foro italico e passare sotto il ponte Umbertino sino ad arrivare al porto piccolo, punto di partenza.

Il capitano di Ortigia vi assicura che conserverete questi momenti trasorsi in barca tra i vostri ricordi piu' belli.

Provare per credere.

Boat-trips in Syracuse Born and bred in Ortigia, Emanuele ,Salvatore ed Enzo of the Ortigia Passengers cooperative, know the coastlin better than anyone having sailed around these sea for many years.
The Ortigia passengers coop. offers guided tours of tht marine grottos of Siracusa,showing tourists the undisturbed natural beauty of the siracusan coastline and its secret places not found on mass tourism itineraries.
We will visit enchanting places unknown to even most expert of tourist guides where nature provides scenary so beautiful it could have been sculpted by an artist.

First Itinerary --natural -geology
We will visit a part of coastline known as sandwich where layer upon layer of rock climb up to 40 metres in height. Many of the rocks you will see take on human or animal form such as the big fish rock,the rock of two brothers, the cyclopes shorts,the ear of Dionisio Junior, napoleon's rock, the lovers grotto and the rock face known as the guardian of the grotto.we will also sail into the grotto of flowers with its many shimmering stalactites. Orange coral flowers are visible from the boat thrugh the cristal clear water (parazoanthus axinillae) Where colours fuse with the marble rocks ,creating an atmosphere of indescribable beauty.
You will also have the opportunity to swim in the grotto if you wish.
Itinerari second cultural- history :the tour begin small harbour and will take us around the island of Ortigia.
Passing under Umbertino bridge one can taste the essence of the island of Ortigia.
After navigatig small harbour we head out to sea and begin our journey around the island.
Troughout the journey we will explain the origins of siracusa and of the various mausoleums found along the coastline.
We well enter in the big harbour as did the athenian fleet in their failed attempt to conquer Siracusa in the bettle of the 415AC.
We can assure that you will take many happy memory from you time spent on board.
Cicerone said in the first century BC"Siracusa is beautiful no matter how you arrive but it is most beautiful when arriving by sea".
The excursion service to the marine grottos run all year , departing every hour on thr hour from 9am-8pm in the summer and 10am-3pm in the winter the excursion last one hour.
You can find us in via dei mille between the brdgs Umbertino and new bridg S.Luciato to the doar of Ortigia on the sea front and you can't miss our sign which says "ALLE GROTTE MARINE-SEA CAVE TOUR" In the winter it's better to phone in advance to check if the weather condition permit sailing.
We offer a friendly and professional service we attend you in board and don't be late the boat doesn't wait!
Emanuele "Capitain of Ortigia"

Excursions en barque a Syracuse, en portant del Rive des postes, la nuit aussi si l'on demande.
Pour informations et reservations teleohonez au 0368-3170711.
On vous portera a voir: les recifs longs
- le monument ux soldats a l'Afrique, vu de lamer
- Legrand récife a forme de poisson
- Le point où S. Paul Débarqua en 61 aprés J.C. ICI a Syracuse
- Le récife aigu
- Le grotte des amoreux
- Les Faraglioni
- Les récifdes deux freres
- le Récif du chameauLe calecon des cyclopes
- La grotte des fleur ou on pent admirer des coulen0s naturels

C'est un itineraire pas commin, qui va hors de ceux du tourism fait pour les masses il y a, aussi la chance d'etre emmenés et laissé dans des plages solitaries et puis repris quand il vous convient

Tag und Nacht Bootausflug Siracusa mit Abflug aus Riva della Posta.
Auskunft und Reservation telefon 0368-3170711 Wir zeigen Ihnen
die langer klippen Das Denkmal des italianishen Soldaten in Afreka Die Gross Fishklippe Landungplatz des heiligen San Pailis im Jahr 60 von Christus
die spritze klippe
die faraglioni
die grotte der Vesliebten
die klippe der zwei Bru Brueder
die Kamelklippe Zylopenunterhosen
die Blumengrotte

Die Anaflug ist ausserhalb der Mussentourismus-Route Sie Haben auch die MoeglichKeit an einem eimsamen stranch abgesetzt zi weden. Wir holen sie zur reseimbarten Uhrzeit

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